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Gin-Italy Evening | 13th Jan 2018

One of our favourite Barolo wine makers – Franco Cavallero – will present his artisan Gin Agricolo, made with his own blend of spices that he personally cultivates  in Piedmont.

 His award winning Gins include:

Gadhan – dry with a classical juniper berry dominant note.

 Blagheur – Cumin, coriander and mint make this gin dry and aromatic at the same time.  Great on its own or mixed in a gin and tonic.

EVRA – a fruity gin; predominantly wild berries which blend very well with Juniper berries, and, together with mint, cardamon and orange zest, give this gin an exotic taste. 

 We will, as usual, match what we drink – in this case Gin –  with something new and delicious from the kitchen.  As Italians we simply cannot talk about drinks without talking about food!

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